What Does It Take?

What does it take to be a volunteer?

  • Not as much as one may think. Help is needed in all areas of emergency services and no experience is necessary. All the costs associated with training are covered by the fire department.
  • It certainly helps if you have a desire to help your community, your neighbors, and possibly your own family.
  • It does take time to learn, train, and maintain the skills necessary to assist in emergency situations.
  • All we need is your dedication.  It requires true commitment, however the rewards gained from the personal satisfaction you receive makes it well worth the effort.

Who can become a member?

  • Anyone – we are always looking for support. The Centralia-Peosta Fire Department is responsible for our own fundraising, record keeping, and the other normal business operations of the department. All of these tasks are performed by the volunteer members.

Is there any age Restrictions?

  • State law requires that you be 18 to participate in some areas of the fire service.
  • There is no age cap on volunteering in the Fire Service.

Why should I become a member? The rewards vary from individual to individual here are just some of the benefits that members have noticed:

  • Paid training in multiple specialties
  • Pride of serving
  • The opportunity and the ability to make a difference
  • Develop New Skills and use your existing skills to help others
  • Explore new areas of interest
  • Get out of the house
  • Connect with and meet new people

How do you get notified of Emergencies?

  • We utilize a Radio Pager dispatch system to alert the department that help is needed.  Pagers are provided at no cost to firefighters.

What if I’m at work and an incident is reported?

  • It is a volunteer service. No one can be available at all times. While some employers are willing to let employees leave for an incident, others may not be able to do so.

How much training is required?

  • We encourage new volunteers to complete Fire Fighter I course in the first year
  • Our team meets every Monday night for drills and business discussions