Ladder 418

A 1995 KME Renegade, Ladder 418 was purchased from Kearsarge, PA in 2018.  CPFD refurbished the apparatus upon arrival and finally put Ladder 418 into service in May of 2020.

Ladder 418 boasts a 102′ ladder with an AerialCat platform.  The platform houses a pair of electronically controlled monitors that include a straight-tip nozzle as well as an adjustable fog nozzle.

This apparatus carries no water but does have a 2,000 GPM pump as well as additional equipment such as roof ladders, pike poles, saws, fans, and a variety of other ventilation/entry/rescue tools.

Ladder 418 seats six firefighters and integrates SCBA’s into five of those seats.  Ladder 418 is also equipped with two breathing air tanks that can be utilized while working on the platform, which eliminates the need to descend the ladder to replace empty SCBA bottles.

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102′ Ladder

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